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make up courses


Here the National Beauty Institute we immerse ourselves into colour, creativity and innovation to give you a flying start with your career as a professional makeup artist. 
‘A makeup artist’s work is never dull.’  With a potential career in Film and TV, Theatre, Fashion, Wedding & Beauty and Retail and the Service sectors, our courses are all tailor-made to give you a thorough knowledge and current skills in your chosen field.  You will also have opportunities to take photographs of each project which you will bring to fruition using live models provided by us throughout the course.  This means that you complete your course having already started building up a working portfolio.

Our courses are designed around a condensed and time efficient, fast track format allowing us to bring you up so speed in areas of knowledge and technique within a programme that lasts between one day and 1 month.  We are able to do this as course sizes are restricted to a maximum of five on each course ensuring that all our learners benefit from both the vibrant energy of working in group, and the nurturing that one to one attention can provide within a real life studio / salon training environment. 
You will be taken under the wing of our fabulous in house freelance makeup artists, all practising in this exciting industry, who have years of experience under their belts and are excited to be passing on their knowledge and tips of how to break in to the industry to you, the new generation of artists so contact us now and find out how you can benefits from training with us on 0207 096 1321 or 07988 904 058


Please email us for more details on our make up courses