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Terms and Conditions

Deposits and Cancellations

  1. Deposits and course payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Failure to attend a confirmed course will result in the loss of all payments made for that course. In the event of a genuine reason for cancellation (proof of which may be required) a request for transfer to a later course will be considered at the discretion of GTLC Training Ltd. If the request is successful an administration fee of £250 per course will be charged. Dates cannot under any circumstances be transferred more than once; any other movements of a course will be considered cancellation and will result in forfeiture of all monies pad towards the course. Courses cannot be transferred/ exchanged for a course of different content under any circumstances.  
  1. GTLC Training Ltd (Hereafter GTLC) reserves the right to defer or cancel/ alter the venue of any course if there are insufficient bookings or conditions arising beyond our control, without liability. Every practical assistance will be given to reschedule clients to an alternative course date and/or to provide a full refund (if applicable).


  1. Where GTLC are forced to cancel or re-schedule a course reasonable road or rail travel expenses will be reimbursed. Any reimbursement will comprise of standard class travel fares for a direct journey on the days of the course only. Advance tickets can be reimbursed via rail companies and this must be done for all days excluding first day of cancellation. Tickets must be procured as economically as possible. Any refund will only be payable on proof of purchase.  GTLC assumes no obligation to reimburse for expenses that are not in compliance with this policy. All payments will be at the discretion of GTLC. No reimbursement will be made for accommodation students are encouraged to refundable tickets and hotels or any other expenses. 
  1. In the event of cancellations which our of control, such as adverse weather conditions, Industrial action, acts of God or otherwise GTLC do not reimburse accommodation,  travel expenses or any other charges or fees.


  1. Cancellations by the customer must be received in writing (fax, email or hardcopy letter) to an Account Manager or as early as practically possible, but no later than ten (10) working days prior to course commencement. If the course cancellation is within this period a refund (minus a deposit £50%) will be given. If cancellation is within 10 days of the course start date no refund will be given.
  1. We recognise that sometimes there is exceptional circumstances, such as bereavement, we would wish to consider offering a credit note to book a place on the next course date available helping you at this difficult time. This decision is made at the discretion of the academy’s manager, this decision will only come into effect as a direct result of a bereavement of a direct family member for example a partner, child, parent or sibling. Should you be in this unfortunate situation we will require a scanned copy of the death certificate.


  1. Should student not attend a course for a period of 12 weeks (non-consecutive) without written permission from GTLC then the course will be discontinued with immediate effect. In order the reconvene the course  further payment may be due.

Payment Terms and Methods

  1. Payment can be made via credit card, cheque Bank Transfer or cash.
  1. Clients who have paid only a deposit prior to the course must pay the remainder of the course fees before commencing the course, unless in possession of a signed payment plan. Failure to make payment on the first morning of the course will result in the client being refused access to the course.


  1. Cheques should be made payable to ‘GTLC Training Ltd' and should be mailed to London Beauty Institute, 337 City Road, Angel, London, EC1V 1LJ along with details of the course, your name , full postal address, email address and telephone number, Cheques must be cleared within 20 working days of start date of the course.
  1. The rates quoted within this website remain correct at time of publication and (that is the earliest course date published within) and 60 days thereafter. GTLC reserves the right to alter these prices outside this period.

Course Notes and Training

  1. The GTLC course notes and training cannot be relied upon for legal interpretation. Neither The GTLC nor its employees, trainers or consultants can accept responsibility for the actions of clients, or those of other people reading the course notes, or responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of relying on the course content or the course notes.
  1. GTLC reserves the right to alter course content/ allocated trainer without warning or liability. Any alteration will be made in line with NVQ standards


  1. All training is provided without guarantee and certification is granted are at trainer discretion, if you feel that the course does not meet your personal expectations you must bring this immediately to the trainer/ centre manager’s attention for rectification. Failure to do this during the course will limit the liability of GTLC.
  1. When purchasing a course, please be aware that you are buying a training course and not a diploma or qualification. Purchasing a course is not a guarantee of obtaining a diploma or further qualification, and you will only receive either of these if you pass the required course assessments.


  1. The information about the packages and the premises in general at GTLC as featured in the current brochure and corresponding websites is given in good faith and believed to be accurate at the time of publication. By booking your course, you accept that it may prove necessary to vary or modify a course or its contents if deemed appropriate by GTLC for whatever reason. If you feel that an area that you were expecting to be covered was not advertised, this must be raised at the time of the booking, or during the course. Complaints made after this time will not be compensated.
  1. GTLC is not responsible for course content made on any other website. Our own sites which are, and  


Medical Conditions

  1. Where a student suffers from a medical condition that could be affected by participating in any way in a treatment or technique taught on the course of their choice, the onus is on that student to consult his or her GP, prior to booking their course, to confirm that participating in their chosen course poses no detrimental risk to their health or any other student, patron, Trainer or employee of GTLC.
  1. Should a student fail to undertake this obligation, and subsequently becomes ill or their medical condition becomes worse as a result of their participation in a treatment or technique taught at or by GTLC, then GTLC cannot be held responsible for any deterioration in that student’s health or medical condition. The GTLC reserve the right to withdraw that student for all or any part of that student’s course and that student will not be entitled to any reimbursement of fees paid.


  1. All Medical conditions, disabilities, learning difficulties that may cause limitations during training must be brought to the attention of GTLC at the time of booking so that reasonable adjustments may be put in place if required. Failure to do so may result in the student being removed from the course without reimbursement.

Free Course Kits

  1. All Free kits are given without guarantee and the contents are liable to slight alteration without notification. The kits have no cash alternative.
  1. Free kits are supplied to give students the motivation to start practicing their new skills as soon as they have completed the course; they are not intended to be used for monetary gain.


  1. Kits sold are subject to manufacturer and retailers limitations/ guarantees, due to these reasons we cannot offer a guarantee of exchange/ refund if there are any faults or discrepancies after a 6 month period.


  1. In the unlikely circumstance that you have a complaint about a course and/or it contents, you must bring it to the attention of your course trainer or centre manager who will be able to in most cases, rectify the situation immediately or forward it to a member of our resolutions team. You may be required to put your complaint in writing and send it to the resolutions team personally. All complaints must be received within five working days of the issue in question arising.  

Course Timings

  1. Unless stated or organised otherwise all courses begin at 10.00am and finish at 5.00pm (NVQ) and 10.30am - 4.30pm (Fast track Courses) A one hour lunch break will be granted each day where possible, as the school runs in a live salon style, this may not always be possible.
  1. For assessment-based courses (NVQ Students) you must have a minimum of 80% attendance for teaching in the classroom for each subject/module. Failure to meet this requirement could result in your expulsion from GTLC.


  1. Classes will start promptly at the published times, irrespective of whether all students are present. Classes will not be delayed to wait for latecomers, and teachers are not responsible for repeating work missed. Any loss of time due to lateness on the students’ part will not be reimbursed in any way and persistent lateness may lead to abandonment of the course. Class hours can be varied at the discretion of the course principal without prior notice.
  1. The projected and date of the course is subject to change and factors affecting this shall include but not be limited to the following; Student illness, lateness, time off, failing exams/ assessments or assignments, Holidays during course time, student ability.


Re-take Guarantee

  1. Guarantee must be used within six months of the original course and may be subject to preliminary assessment.
  1. The option to re-take courses must be requested in writing and you will be added to the next available course.


  1. The Guarantee is not transferable to any other course.
  1. GTLC reserves the right to decline requests to retake any course. Reasons will be given for this and you have the right to dispute this in writing.


Legal Jurisdiction

  1. This agreement is written in English (UK). To the extent any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the English version, the English version shall prevail.
  1. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the law of England and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in respect of the interpretation of, and any disputes relating to, this agreement or any of its provisions.


Anti Social Behaviour

  1. GTLC and its employees reserve the right to refuse student assessment if the student is deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and/or exhibiting anti-social behaviour.
  1.  Foul or offensive language or racist, sexist, homophobic comments may result in a student being removed permanently from the course. No refund will be made and GTLC will not compensate any expenses.


Other Terms and Conditions

  1. Where literature states that models are provided please be aware that the models provided by us are individuals who intend to allow your trainer demonstrate or allow you to practice a particular treatment on them. Although we strive to provide as many models as possible, we can in no way guarantee their attendance. Should a live model not be available GTLC will endeavour to provide models at an alternative time.
  1. GTLC shall not be responsible for the loss or theft of any student property on the premises. Students are actively discouraged from bringing items of value to the course. 


  1. GTLC reserves the right to add more than 5 people to the course in exceptional circumstances.
  1. Learners are advised to keep all certificates given in a safe place. Replacement certificates will be charged at VTCT rates.


  1. All learners will have to make payment for certificates and life time registration with VTCT if they are not already members. This is not included in the course price.